Treetops Basic’s of Home Distillation.

Welcome to the discussion.I will do my best to answer any questions about distillation. When first starting my Distillation journey. It was surprising how many types of stills were made and how many people are making these beautiful works of art. I loved the design of the old pot still.  But which one should I choose? How big do I need? It brought up so many questions.

Sadly much of the information that is out there is wrong and left over from an earlier time. All I could do is trust in the science, be safe and know that there is always more that one side to the story. This Blog will answer the questions that frustrated me. . Being a Visual learner I felt pictures was the best way to tell this story. You will come away from these Blog’s knowing that the process of distillation is easy enough for all and That We the People should be doing it.

Distillation is a perfectly legal activity, and distilling equipment is legal in all fifty states.  Distillation is a process that can be used to produce fuel, medicine, and disinfectant, cooking oils and last but not least, clean drinking water! Welcome to the discussion.

-Paul McGuire